Amidst all the negative media content that floods our lives, there’s tiny pockets of joy and inspiration. In between my weekly training schedule at the Gold Coast Titans. the following material, none of it my own, inspires me.

  1. Budweiser The profound care and attention to detail taken by Budweiser in the breeding and development of their horse stock for their TVC and brand promotion is truly breath taking in its scope. They don’t lend them for the day they breed them themselves. A short story on how they breed them is found here. Meanwhile a small glimpse of the magic from their Superbowl ad circa 2013 can be found here.

  2. A TED talk about human vulnerability by Brene Brown. Both funny and insightful.

  3. The thinking man’s Bunnings warehouse, but more fun. I’ll take one of everything thanks

  4. Lying on the ground after a hard day of training, what’s not to like about this simple moment.

  5. A story of the high country. A filson original film, sad but uplifting at the small time. Worth watching for the soundtrack alone. Especially when he reaches the high country and the music shifts.

  6. The man who inspired Robert Redford to make The Horse Whisperer. A deeply complex and fascinating man who shares my affection for treating horses with respect.

  7. Fleetwood Mac. An inspiring women, a country classic a timeless tune.

  8. The postage stamp that gives me goosebumps and reminds me how lucky I am.

  9. Whatever your thoughts about Qantas the airline, its hard not to like this view of ourselves. And this salute to our indigenous heritage has even greater impact.

  10. The quote inspires me everyday. Copyright of Elizabeth Kubler Ros.

  11. You only have to listen to the tone in Jonathan Field's voice to recognise he's the real deal.