The Story So Far

In a man’s life, however well hidden, there are two sides.

There is the side he shows his peers, tough, rugged and fearless. And then the side he shows his closest friends, which can include fear, vulnerability and doubt. Men are not exclusively either of these lists of characteristics, but a mixture of both. Yet we exert a lot of energy trying to be the former. And hide out when we’re being the latter. I speak from personal experience.

I think you are a lucky man if you find a purpose, a career that draws on both sides of your nature. Where daily challenges draw on you to dig deep into your physical strengths one moment and your intuitive strengths the next. The best days are often a mixture of both.

I’m not the first sportsmen who has lain awake at night after a game with that empty feeling of what happens next? Where will life blow me when I’m no longer a required player for the NRL Titans.

But those moments pass and as you start another week of game prep you start to see the future clearly and filled with possibility.

Like all affairs of the heart it remains difficult to explain how horses affect me.

It means little to me to see them running the Melbourne Cup. Likewise the rigours of polo or the discipline of equestrian sports.

But I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve felt a cold rush in the presence of a wild, untrained horse. And in that moment I’ve known what we all hope to know. That here is a purpose worthy of my life. Where time stands still and you just know (even though you may not understand it) that horses will forever define you in one way or another.

So on January 19th 2015, I took delivery of a beautiful gelding; wild, untrained and full of possibility. Unsoiled by anything, full only of the loose strictures of nature.

His name is Timba.

Over the next few months I will be adding content to this site as Timba and I make progress.

Providing a glimpse into a crazy business idea I’ve had that just might have legs.