The Snowy's with Land Rover

Brumbies are imbedded in Australian country folklore as much as the bloke that caught a mob of them back in 1890, so when Land Rover provided the opportunity to head to the Snowy Mountains for some time in the saddle searching for this majestic creatures at their wildest, who was I to refuse.


The population of the Brumby in the region is a hot topic at the moment, with proposal to drop the numbers in the area from 3000 to 500 over the next 20 years. These numbers certainly need to be managed, along with considerations of other species in the region and their impact. 

I still struggle to put words to the experience, but it was certainly an unforgettable one.To see more of this stunning part of the world and journey, head over to Land Rover's Adventure Passport.

Land Rover Adventure Passport - Horse Riding Adventure with Will Zillman