Will Zillman Horsemanship is a full-service equine business, providing an array of riding and training services. For those who are just beginning to the advanced clientele, Will provides bespoke lessons, excursions, and horsemanship skills.

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Becoming confident in the saddle is the first step to gaining the most out of horses. Will Zillman Horsemanship provides custom, one-on-one lessons to allow the rider to get the most out of their learning experience.

Each lesson is specifically tailored to the ability of the rider, and what he or she hopes to gain out of the lesson. Whether or not you are an advanced rider or entirely new to the saddle, Will can assess your experience and abilities and provide you with a personalised single or package of lessons designed to meet all your expectations.


Getting out of the paddock and into some of Australia’s most stunning landscapes is a unique service Will Zillman Horsemanship is proud to provide.

Will offers bespoke one-hour, two-hour, and half-day excursions on some of the most beautiful beaches and trails in northern New South Wales and Queensland.

Each experience is custom designed for the rider by Will according to riding ability and what he or she most desires to experience of Australia’s spectacular natural scenery.


Natural horsemanship is the flagship service provided by Will Zillman Horsemanship.

Will’s unique methods of teaching human and horse how to work, move and ride in tandem are what distinguishes his from traditional training practices.

His approach draws heavily upon interpreting specific equine behaviours and how these impact either positively or negatively on the training outcomes and/or relationship with rider.

Will also engages his knowledge and experience in subtle cueing, whereby the horse and human learn how to communicate by the rider delivering subtle, non-aggressive physical and verbal commands.

The benefits of this methodology are profound, with the rider gaining understanding of the communication methods of horses, and in turn the horse gaining immense trust in its rider. As it is applicable to riders and horses at all stages of their journey, the versatility and reliability of this method are invaluable. 


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